Treatment Instructions

Dear Guests,


1. Please always drink warm or herbal water, avoid cold drink. We offer all kinds of medicated waters in our restaurant or you may order through room service on a 24hr basis.

2. Ayurveda suggests, do not eat just before your treatment, leave at least 30mnts to 1 hr beforehand.

3. Do not take a bath before your treatment. Wait at least 1 hr after the treatment before taking a warm shower.

4. Avoid exposure to strong sea wind or sunlight immediately after the treatment. Especially after Sirodhara, sirovasthi, nasiyam, tharpanam and pizhichil.

5. After   vasthi (Enema)  rest at least 1 hr in your room.

6. We suggest you to avoid sexual inter course during the whole treatment period.

7. Do not suppress the urge to urinate or bowel movements.

8. Have your meals on a regularly daily basis on time.

9. Avoid non vegetarian foods, cigarettes and alcohol during the treatment period.

10. Meditate for 30mnts every day, and try to avoid excessive thinking and chatting.

11. Do not take nap if you feel very tired sleep for only 15-20 mnts.

12. You should take your ayurvedic medicines properly as advised by your physician. 

13. Prescribed medicines should be continued (eg. For blood pressure, sugar etc) with the advice from your physician.


If you need any further assistance or help – contact our doctor. Doctors will be available on 24hrs basis.

Best Regards,

Ayurveda Team.

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